Thursday, March 27, 2014
The 2014 Gardening Digest, published by the team at Harrowsmith’s Truly Canadian Almanac, is set to hit newsstands. Cover price will be $4.95.
“The magazine is a hefty 196 pages thick, and packed with secrets, tips and advice for the serious Canadian gardener,” says Yolanda Thorton, publisher.
Look for the magazine at this year’s Canada Blooms show, and stop by to see the 2400 square foot, Wet, Wild and Canadian Harrowsmith Garden.

Thursday, March 27, 2014
The April 2014 issue of Fashion is hard to miss.

“Cobie isn’t the biggest star we have shot this year. But her cover has generated a huge response. There is something about the naturalness of her pose, the fresh-out-of-bed hair, and the sexy, plunging neckline that is very captivating. The busy print of the dress and hits of yellow also have the newsstand punch we are always striving for. And though there isn’t much space for cover lines, art director Eng Lau did a great job of stacking them vertically on either side, so we still have a lot of 'sells.'"

Thursday, March 27, 2014
In a press release from Arlene Shepard, VP Press Management, Gateway, comes the announcement that…

“Jean-Pierre Desrochers (JP) has joined us in the capacity of Regional Manager, Eastern Canada.  JP brings many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge of this marketplace to Gateway.
His role will include the management of all existing Gateway Newstands locations in Quebec as well as taking on the transition process of the LS Travel stores acquired in this market.  This will include Montreal, Quebec City as well as Ottawa.  JP will also be responsible for new business development in this market.
JP comes to Gateway, most recently from Benjamin News.  His knowledge of press in the retail environment has come from his many years of experience at The UCS Group, (now LS Travel Retail) where he oversaw 26 retail stores in Quebec and Ontario, including large newsstands and airport locations for 14 years.
JP will begin at Gateway Newstands on Monday April 14th.
We look forward to JP’s enthusiasm and commitment to growing the presence and profile in this growing market for Gateway Newstands."
Thursday, March 27, 2014
I received a note from Kevin Brannigan, who offered high praise for this cover.
It does indeed very quickly convey the message.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Spring 2014 issue of British Columbia Magazine is on sale this week.

The magazine’s cover feature is a classic piece of service journalism…Epic Hikes.

The magazine is also celebrating, in a low-key way, its 55th year of publishing.

British Columbia Magazine has been on a positive roll as of late.

The Fall 2013 issue (Bears) is up 66% from Fall 2012.

The Spring 2013 issue (Kootney Retreats) is up 47% from prior year.

The Winter 2012 issue (Art of Survival) is up 6% from prior year.

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