Tuesday, March 20, 2012
Jann Bares It for Zoomer
Zoomer magazine’s April 2012 issue is arguably the most daring/risky cover they have attempted since launch.

“In the issue Jann Arden tells it like it is on turning fifty (50), amping up her humorous damn-the-torpedoes honesty.  In a photograph taken by Bryan Adams, Jann Arden bares all for a centerfold,” says Kathryn Eves, Marketing and PR Manager for Zoomer.

Jann on why she chose to pose nude:

“It appealed to my sense of frustration with body image in mainstream beauty and fashion, something I have always been passionate about: the fact that most of us normal women are marginalized and set aside for not looking a certain way.  Doing a nude shot would make a huge statement.  So, for the first time and perhaps the last, I took my duds off.  Scared?  Yes, but somehow relieved to be able to say, “Hey, women of the planet Earth.  Love thyself right now.  Don’t wait until it’s too late!”

Kudos for risk taking!

- Scott Bullock
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