Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Digital Statistics
The June 2011 ABC statements for ten of the most prestigious and beloved Canadian and U.S. magazines offer some interesting statistics on the very hot topic of digital replica edtions, both for single copy sales and for subscriptions.

Of the ten titles in the Canadian set of magazines, Canadian House & Home is enjoying the best reported success.  Paid digital subscriptions now number 2,295, up 63%.  They are also the only Canadian magazine in the group to report on digital single copy sales, with an average of 279 per issue.  Digital subscriptions account for 1.4% of their total paid subscriptions, while digital single copy sales represent 0.4% of total single copy sales, which means digital accounts for 1.1% of their total paid circulation.

Of the ten titles in the U.S. set of magazines, Cosmopolitan leads the pack, with 81,690 digital subscriptions reported.  However, this is down 16,400 or 17% from the previous ABC statement.  Still, digital subscriptions represent 6.1% of the reported paid subscriptions, by far more than any of the other titles in the group.

Oprah posted a big gain in digital subscriptions, reporting a total of 12,567, up by 10,672 or a 563% improvement.

Esquire posted a big gain in digital subscriptions, reporting 20,997, up by 8,845 or a 73% improvement.

Rollingstone posted a gain of 7,288 digital subscriptions for a 119% improvement.

The New Yorker reported a gain of 4,500 digital subscriptions for a 105% improvement.

As impressive as these gains are, digital subs represent 0.7% of Oprah’s subscriptions, 3.5% of Esquire’s subscriptions, 1% of Rollingstone’s subscriptions, and .09% of the New Yorker’s subscriptions.

On the digital single copy front, Vanity Fair led the pack, reporting an average sale of 9,600 digital single copies.  However, this was up just 2% from the previous ABC statement, with digital single copy sales accounting for 2.7% of the paid single copy sales reported.

The biggest gainer was the New Yorker, reporting an average digital single copy sale of 2,817 copies, when they had zero in the previous period.  Digital singles now represent an astounding 8.9% of their reported paid single copy sales.

Other notable gainers were Cosmopolitan, who reported a 1007% gain in digital singles, from an average of 203 per issue to 2,247 per issue.  Oprah got into the game too, reporting an average sale of 1,320 digital single copy sales, up from 190 in the previous ABC period, for a 595% gain.  (CLICK ON CHARTS TO ENLARGE)

- Scott Bullock
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