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  Thanks to Masthead, we hired an awesome candidate today."
- Todd Latham, President, Actual Media Inc., Toronto
  We were impressed with the quality and quantity of the applicants coming from your web site... In fact for the first time we had to hire a firm to review the resumes and do the initial interviewing to get a short list."
- Morley S. Lymburner, Group Publisher, Blue Line Magazine Inc., Markham, Ont.
  Thank you Masthead... your targeted job board brought us a flurry of very qualified applicants – one of whom is now our new assistant editor. We are very pleased with this response and feel we received excellent response for our advertising dollar.
You will always be our number one choice when seeking qualified staff with specific skills sets relevant to our publication."
- Julia Woodford, Vitality Magazine, Toronto
  You can take down the posting for Managing Editor, Avenue Edmonton. We've had lots of applications.
Thanks so much!!
I love Masthead!!"
- Jackie Bernard, Human Resources Manager, RedPoint Media, Calgary