Tuesday, November 06, 2012
New Look for Alternatives Journal
Canada’s oldest and most respected environmental publication, Alternatives Journal (A\J) has covered environmental science for more than 40 years. Its first issue was published in 1971. 

A\J’s editorial mission is to be “Canada’s Environmental Voice” by providing a forum for civilized debate and, when appropriate, to advocate for positive and sustainable solutions.

Here’s what publisher and creative director Marcia Ruby has to say about the bold new re-design:

“We undertook this redesign project for both strategic and tactical reasons. Tactically, we wanted to make a bigger impact on the newsstand, a key battleground for growing both revenues and brand awareness. It is still too early to fully comment the success of this goal, but due in no small part to our new redesign, we have secured a broader distribution arrangement that will see more copies of A\J on more newsstands across Canada. So we consider that a good first victory.

“Strategically, as Canada’s most-established and most-respected environmental magazine, we felt our unique brand of intelligent and informed journalism should contribute to the much larger goal of finding a balance between economic and environmental sustainability. Canadians from coast-to-coast are facing challenging questions and changing climate realities, and they seek clarity and perspective in an easy-to-access format, supported by a strong scientific and research background. It was with this sense of urgency and with this heightened need in mind that we began this redesign project, and based upon initial feedback, A\J is now well-positioned to serve the needs of concerned Canadians and the broader environmental community.”

“We would like to thank Norm, Jenn and the entire team at K9 Design Co for taking the time to truly understand the nature of our needs and then diligently working towards developing a creative vision that perfectly balanced innovation with ease-of-execution. Thanks too to Scott Bullock at CoversSell.Com. Our magazine is better for their efforts and we salute them for their contributions to our strategic evolution.”

Below is the first issue from Summer of 1971, the Sep/Oct 2012 pre-redesign issue, and the new look Nov/Dec 2012 re-launch issue.



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- Scott Bullock
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