Wednesday, June 17, 2015
57 Media Spikes : Checkpoint Number Six
Welcome to checkpoint number six.

Number six in our series of six and the final summary of 57 Media Spikes.

Whew—you can exhale now. Thanks for staying along for the ride. Including these checkpoint summaries, you've been with me for 63 messages. Abut 6 months along now. I hope you've enjoyed and have been able to use some of the tips and ideas in your business practice to improve your business.

#51: Waiting on tables. Powerful place based marketing by one enterprising jeweller gave them a big creative footprint that literally put their catalogue in the foodcourt. Top of Mind from Top Of Table.

#52: What's the best media? WELL- let me ask you...What do you want to do? Who do you want to reach? How much can you afford to spend? What do you want to say? Every campaign has —or should—have their own media mix. And magazines, well they are a perfect place to be a good storyteller.

#53: Radio. The music is the bridge that connects my past to my present. Radio is always theatre of the mind because the listener is painting the special effects in their own mind from the narrative you provide. We also gave you a link to our 10 part series on radio by clicking here.

#54: Television advertising is alive and well and living in your living room, basement, bedroom, kitchen, garage, handheld, laptop and our thirst for it is unquenchable.  When you're advertising, TV means you are on stage performing. Don't miss your chance to shine.

#55: While social media is gaining traction and usage, it remains a sociable environment, and less so a sales environment. But like all other media, it is evolving to find ways to monetize itself. Right now it seems you need to work very hard to make your ads work rather than your ads working hard for you.

#56: On The Road Again with Willie Nelson and the thousands of billboards he's seen in a lifetime of touring. Outdoor media is your chance to Make Some Noise Without a Sound. We also provided a link to our 10 part series on outdoor media by clicking here.

#57: You are HERE! Just like our series opened. We've explored lots of media options, history and links to multiple sources that I hope were worth the price of admission - Your name and email address was worth it to me.

The 57 Media Spikes email series has come to its conclusion, but also come to a transition the inner circle if you'd like to continue to receive additional media commentary.

Thank you.  I look forward to seeing you as part of the Spike of Angels Inner Circle

It has been my privilege. Thank you. Be well.


Dennis Kelly

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