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Media Spike # 43 – Why Are You Advertising?
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Why Advertise?

Genuinely? Why are you advertising.  Shouldn’t it be like actor Kevin Costner’s classic movie ‘Field of Dreams’ in which the voice says, ‘If You Build It, They Will Come!

The sad reality is just putting a glitzy, or sexy or pretty ad out there doesn’t turn the cash register. Your ads have to give the customer something they need to relieve pain or something that gives them pleasure.

With the possible exception of your inventory and your payroll, advertising is often many company’s largest investment. It costs so much…doesn’t it?

Interesting Dilemma!!  If it doesn’t work, it’s an expense, and why did we waste so much money?  If it works and delivers sales and referrals and more business, it’s an investment, and you get promoted!

So why do we do it?

Before we share our thoughts on this, let me ask you something. What do your neighbours do for ‘work’?  When they go off on their commute each day to the office or factory or wherever, what are they doing?

Do you know?
Maybe they’re in marketing too. Perhaps computer professionals.

Maybe accountants and financial managers. Could be some of them specialize in recreation management, while others are professional chefs and caterers.

You’re all living in the same neighbourhood and with some variations, you’re all in roughly the same income bracket. But if you are making $61K per year for instance and you know what you’re doing, what does your neighbour do that allows them to live in the same neighbourhood as you.

Most of us don’t wear our occupations on our sleeves so you’ll usually never know unless the work clothes –ie; uniform, are a giveaway.

So it’s possible, no indeed probable, that someone who can solve your tax planning, fix your plumbing, do your daughter’s dance lessons, is on the same bus or train with you and you don’t know it.

Trouble is, that’s the way too many businesses operate.

They don’t tell the community – local- national- International- what it is they do and they wonder why no-one buys from them.

As you’ve gathered by now, my role is a media planner and buyer and negotiator and strategist and as readers who have been with me this far along, you’re seeing my style day after day. So far about an eight week interview.

So rather than pick blindly out of a newspaper or online promotion, you get to learn first hand my style. Demonstration day by day, a slow drip approach, builds a lot more comfort and confidence than thrusting myself at you with an IN YOUR FACE presence. And this is what your advertising needs to do.

It needs to tell others what you do and why they should hire you or buy your product or service.

Your advertising is your lifeblood of your business. Don’t ever cut the jugular because this is where your business is coming from.

So back to our opening question. Why Do You Advertise?  Well...

Here’s Why to Advertise!

  • It creates store traffic: The more people who come into your store (or know about your business) the more opportunities you have to make sales.
  • It attracts new customers: Your market is always changing and evolving and regular advertising keeps up with them until their lifestyle meets your product.
  • It encourages repeat business: Due to endless shopping options, now you need to work harder to build and retain loyalty.
  • It generates continuous business: Even slow days can produce sales. You have overhead to meet and new people to reach.
  • It is an investment in success: By keeping your message fresh in your consumers mind, you’ll be the natural choice when it’s time to buy.
  • It keeps you competitive:  There are only so many customers in the market ready to buy at any one time. You have to maintain a steady presence so your regular customers (and prospective ones) know you’re still there or you’ll lose to more aggressive competitors.
  • It projects a successful image: Advertising tells customers and competitors that your doors are open and you are ready for business.
  • Advertising doesn’t pays!!

Stay tuned.

Dennis Kelly

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