Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Media Spike #21 – Practice is How You Learn What Works, Or Doesn’t…Just Like Testing
Welcome. It’s always a treat to have your eyeballs meet my page. At this writing, much of my city and all the local golf courses lie sleeping under a cold blanket of white snow. Very pretty, but handcuffing for my golf game. Do you like to golf, dear reader? I do, but be assured the players on tour are not losing any sleep with me out there. I just marvel at how they squeeze so much out of every club.

Knowing what club to use depending on distance to the green, the weather, the wind, their position on the scoreboard. Should it be a high lob from 87 yards with a pitching wedge to a pin tucked in the back corner of the green? Or is it a low pitch and run with a seven iron designed to maximize roll a better choice? The reason they’re on Tour and I’m writing is Testing. You might call it practice.

They are out there everyday when no-one sees them.  Driving. Putting. Chipping. Short game. Long drives. From the bunker, from the edge of the water. from a downhill lie. Ball above the feet. Below the feet. Hook it around a tree. Out of the rough.  In sunshine. In wind. In rain. There are no off-days to testing. And all of this testing in all kinds of weather so that when it counts- when they are in the closing holes of a tournament, they know what they can do. They know how each shot will perform and they can trust what each club will do because they’ve been Testing.

One of my favourite golfers is Mr. Mike Weir. A fellow Canadian and a fellow left-handed golfer. He was the toast of the nation when he won The Masters™ Golf tournament in 2003. More recently he has struggled, but his persistence, perseverance, tenacity, and diligence is paying off as he is seeing a slow return to his winning form. Your campaign should be like that too. Always out there attracting clients. Testing what works. Treating failures as learnings. Trying new media. Trying different approaches/shots to see what delivers the best results.

When you see what works best, set that as your benchmark. Then keep trying to top it. Even when Mr. Weir is struggling, his worst game will always be better than my best game. Because he has already established a level of excellence few golfers achieve- winning a Major- and he knows what it took to get there, and he’s working hard to get back there.

Don’t be afraid to experiment in your advertising. Continually testing is how you discover what works best and just like the pros, you know you can count on it when the pressure is on.

Stay tuned.

P.S.  Want to know why your ad campaign is closer to golf than you think? Then you’ll want to join me on the next message.

- Dennis Kelly
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