Monday, November 03, 2014
Media Spike #4 – When Cooler Heads Prevail
Glad you stopped by. Recently one client asked me to comment on the potential choice of radio stations in two different markets.  That’s fine. It’s part of what I do and I was glad to respond.

It poses a bit of a quagmire potential because so many factors influence the choice of station(s) for any campaign. Thus I resisted the temptation to jump in without taking a breath and firing any answer off the top of my head. Partly because I had the luxury of this coming via e-mail, it gave me time to consider and digest this question before responding.There’s nothing wrong with crafting a well thought out answer.

In today’s speed at all costs mentality, the cost is very often rushed and incorrect or based on flimsy information.  Which begets having to do it over again to get it right. Therefore I properly researched the two markets in question. Identified the 21 and 8 radio stations per market respectively. Secured a 3rd party industry ranking of how each station was performing based on most recent survey details.

My response to her:

• Commented on the stations she had considered in each market.
• Then provided a more thoroughly researched, articulate, defendable summary.
• This allowed me the confidence to acknowledge her choices, but the empirical backing to state why I believed other stations would be better candidates.

Will any business come of it? Maybe. But that is secondary. I’m continuing to nurture trust with this client. I am building my credibility with her. She needs to know I won’t blindly endorse one opportunity without conducting due diligence on it. Maybe this could be a component of your long-term strategy as well.

Do we want to make the sale? Of course! But we want to ensure we make more than just one sale. You and I each need to educate our clients and prospects about whatever it is they’ve asked about.  Developing this positioning as the Go To ‘Guy’ (or girl) is what will separate you from the other contenders and pretenders. Your clients are coming to you for solutions. Establish yourself as the one who can provide them and you’ll never lack for customers.

Stay tuned.

P.S. Is it more work to cultivate business this way? That depends on what you want to accomplish.

It’s more work to lay the foundation of a long-term relationship and continue to foster growth with professional, smart, informative, helpful solutions so that you are continually enhancing the long-term value of this client. Or, you can develop a new pitch every week for a series of one-time potential successes, but you need to keep going further and further afield to attract new candidates for your once and done approach. Your choice.

- Dennis Kelly
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