Thursday, June 11, 2015
Media Spike # 57 – This Is Where I Came In
Greetings once again.

The most amazing part of this advertising series is that after 56 previous Media Spikes, YOU ARE HERE!

Not unlike how we opened this series 11 weeks ago.

I am the lucky recipient of your eyeballs and attention for 57 consecutive business days. For those wondering or counting, this series will conclude at approximately 36,000 words.

I am honoured and humbled you’ve stayed with me. Thank you.

The intention throughout this series was to demonstrate for you the power of owning your platform. We’ve together explored, television and magazines, online/social media, outdoor media and radio and I’ve offered strategy, critiques, commentary and I hope some education for you.

Clearly more than I could ever deliver in a typical 20 minute boardroom setting with each of you, this series has been my platform. A chance for you to see my style first hand.

I appreciate and have enjoyed the e-mails I’ve received from several of you along the journey. Please keep them coming, I’m glad to help you where and when I can.

Some readers may love me and want to hire as several already have. (Thank you). Others may be less passionate about my overtures and they certainly have that right.

Other readers have taken it upon themselves to access several of the links provided for further information and still others have accessed our link for our Nine Secrets E-Book.

In this we provide details on 9 Secrets and seven easy to follow assignments to help you improve your advertising. One reader coined it ‘His desktop Media Director’ which I thought very appropriate. It distills 30 years of media trenches into 9 Secrets for just $30 because you’re a Masthead reader.  Not bad. A buck a year for you to learn what it took me 3 decades. Lucky you.

By the time you reach this page you will have made some decisions about your media, and about me.

The following invitation is extended only to those who have stayed with me to now. Your reading this is testament to your interest and appreciation of my efforts to date.

This is an opportunity to join my Spike of Angels Inner Circle extended exclusively to readers who have stayed with me all this time. At the time of this writing, there is no charge for this membership, but if that changes, we will give full up front notice of any monetary obligation, so you can make an informed decision.

The best part about continuing education is you continue learning, for as long as you choose. I do hope you will continue to be part of my e-mail universe. I’ve loved having you and hope I’ve been able to help solve one or more media problems or concerns since you’ve joined us.

Like you, I’m not ready to pick out curtains, but I’ve enjoyed our dance, dating, repartee, and the Inner Circle will bring you my continued media thinking as well as some special Bonuses and unannounced Opportunities exclusive to the Spike of Angels Inner Circle. You don’t get access unless you’ve completed 57 Media Spikes.

Thank you it has been my privilege.
Look forward to seeing you on the Inside of Spike of Angels Inner Circle.


Dennis Kelly

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- Dennis Kelly
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