Friday, December 05, 2014
Media Spike #13 – How Can I Help You?
Oh good, you’re here. Nice to have you again.

It started out as an ordinary, unassuming day, but fates intervened and suddenly I was hurtled into a frenetic pace of action. The best laid plans went out the window in a heartbeat. Files scoured. Records unearthed. Favours called in. Phone lines on fire. E-mails seemed too slow to help me through this whirlwind which now consumed me. Breathing became shallow and rapid. My pulse hadn’t raced like this since a 3 foot putt. If a Commissioner’s Hotline had been available, this would have been the time to call in legendary assistance.

Alone. The task loomed large in front of me. No fancy words or tap dancing would extricate me from this moment of truth. Collecting myself, drawing breath, I fixed my gaze, and with controlled poise, I spoke those immortal words that changed my career forever...

Hello. How Can I Help You Today?

Does your advertising deliver a story? A Reason Why the product or service should be used or purchased? Your advertising is to demonstrate through words and pictures that you have THE solution to whatever the challenge is of that day for the customer right in front of you. Do they need a new writer? Maybe a Graphic Designer to freshen up their look? A sharp media buyer to save money and help them look good? You might recollect our opening line in this series that your advertising is your platform. Your chance to shine, but you must not confuse this with being about you. It’s about your customer.

That self absorbed individual who is only looking out for their own wants and needs and looking for you to take away pain or give them pleasure. The media you choose, that’s your platform. The message, your sales pitch, is dependent on you creating the right words, delivered with the right media.
The audience? Your buyers. They are waiting to be sold to. And they will LOVE to be sold to, as long as you’re genuinely helping them with a solution to their challenge of the day. Hello again dear reader. How Can I Help You Today?

Stay tuned.
P.S.  Ever use a sand wedge from 245 yards? How about a putter from the sand trap?
No?...Funny because that’s what many advertisers do with their campaigns.. Stick around, we’ll show you how to avoid these hiccups.

- Dennis Kelly
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