Wednesday, April 01, 2015
Media Spike # 46 – It’s All Your Choice
Here’s a great way to start the day.

A Blank Cheque!
All the money you could ever want!
No need to hesitate on what to buy, because you can buy it all.

You can only spend it on media which you believe best reaches your target group.

So – WHAT do you choose?

It’s in your court.
Nobody saying you can’t afford it.
Only saying you have to rationalize and defend your choice.

So – WHAT do you choose?

Sometimes we clamour to have unrestricted freedom, nobody telling us what to do,
no-one saying we can’t pick this or that and we get what we want.  The restraints come off.

Nobody to raise a fist against. No one quashing our desires. You have unlimited opportunity to pick whatever you’d like. But once you’ve made your choices, you have to defend them.

To show they are the right selections to reach and influence your audience to actually trigger a sale of product or service. You need to show a reasonable expectation of return on investment.

So - WHAT do you choose?

Scary isn’t it? I finally get to pick what I want to what the heck am I going to pick? Sometimes too much choice is a dangerous thing.

Extensive food buffets always leave me feeling unsatisfied. Not leaving hungry as I’ve had my fill. Just unsatisfied that I couldn’t eat a little bit more of everything. If they had fewer choices, maybe I would not feel so bad about not being able to eat three platefuls.

Your media choices today can leave you feeling like that. The litany of choices as we’ve seen in earlier media spikes is nearly endless.  And subsets within tabs, within sections within features, within just one newspaper or website or magazine can have you reeling in the enormity of the task of trying to reach everyone in your target group.

This is why testing and sampling and experimenting can leave you feeling much more confident and assured of your choices. When you get to put your marketing muscle behind one or two or three tested media choices, you know you have given yourself the best opportunity to reach and influence your target group with accuracy, efficiency and – we hope - memorability.

When you choose your media blindly, and base it on a hunch or feeling, that leaves a hollow feeling in the stomach and bank account if it doesn’t deliver.
Conversely if, for example, you’ve taken the time to test newspaper, and radio, and magazine and online, and outdoor, with carefully monitored tests of performance, then you’ll be able to roll out the big campaign with huge comfort that you are using the best tools to impact your audience.

There are certainly never any shortages of media opportunities. Do not despair if a ‘Special’ feature has to come and go without you. Believe me, there will be another option- often a better choice, waiting in the wings. Very few of these are life and death, or essential ‘keepers’.

Certainly if an opportunity comes up which fits the target group, and budget, and timing and can be worked into the schedule effortlessly, then by all means embrace it.

Please do not be swayed just because it’s cheap. Yes a lower price can make it attractive to you. But if it didn’t meet the target group criteria to be included before, it doesn’t suddenly become a great fit just because it’s cheaper. Make sure it meets the objectives and criteria of the campaign before making it a part of your strategy.

As always, the choice is yours. So NOW – What do you choose?

Stay tuned.

Dennis Kelly

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