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Media Spike #27 – The Game Remains The Same
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One reader W.M., asked, So Dennis, are you suggesting that we dig in our heels and resist change? Are you closing your eyes to the platform that is the Internet?

Well formed and valid questions.

To the first, no I am not for a moment suggesting we resist change. It is the only constant, and all our efforts to stop the tide will only have us swept up in the undertow. Change is necessary. It disturbs complacency and challenges us to get more out of ourselves and our communication. 

To the second, my eyes have been keenly adjusted to the Internet as a media platform for over a decade with different clients experimenting (testing) different messages and delivery styles.

But ultimately it is still Marketing. The tools change, and we change to better use the tools we created. But human nature being what it is, we all crave communication, and ideas, and content, and useful information. The Internet and the digital age have ushered in instantaneous communication. In a heartbeat, a message which once was a feature ad in National Newspapers is now delivered to only one neighbourhood, or globally with unmatched speed and precision to an online audience who see it on a host of stationary, or mobile media tools.

My contention, and I’m pleased to say, multiple clients have concurred, is to introduce these new elements to our ad campaigns with a ‘let’s give it a try and TEST IT’ approach rather than abandon everything that got us to this point. If you’ve been testing your creative and your media mix as you go along, then these new components are part of the normal integration and they have to prove their worth in delivering sales. (Not likes, or retweets etc., but actually get down to a measurable and useful metric- SALES.)

I work with several clients who care less if they are liked, but have a huge passion for how many SALES-how many units of product did we move as a result of the last campaign. It strikes me that advertisers who integrate ‘Social Media’ into their campaigns need to do so with a recognition that historical sales strategies don’t play as well in this environment.  The messages today need to be informational, educational, and supportive to the customer buying process so that the customers get to know and like and trust you before offering a sales message.

Incidentally, when you are prepared to offer up a sales message—beyond just education— this is the time to move them from the social media forum to your website. Now they are on your turf. By way of analogy, when Television was in its infancy late 1940’s early 1950’s, networks recruited performers, entertainers, personalities from that ‘old’ media Radio to help them get underway. No less a powerhouse name than Vaudeville and Radio personality, Milton Berle, was the lynchpin to the commercial success of this fledgling new media, Television.

Initially warmly received, revered, idolized and known as Mr. Television, the tool which had invented him was rapidly transitioning as audiences were looking for new and different entertainment. Change was so rapid in TV, that only a few short years after ‘Uncle Miltie’ ruled the airwaves on Tuesday nights, he was supplanted by other programming.

So too with the Internet and social media. The early successful models are giving way to new methods of interaction with consumers. They are not dismissing all previous methods of contact, and most of those should remain a part of the mix. But the message from advertisers needs to reflect the new reality of consumer engagement.

Expect a longer courting process (back to my dating plan strategy unveiled in article Media Spike #3) online to win more hearts and wallets with a longer term relationship build. Such is the start of a customer for life—the best you can hope for.

Stay tuned.

P.S.  Keep testing. Keep practicing. New messages. New Media. Create the hybrid mix that works for you.


- Dennis Kelly
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