Friday, January 30, 2015
57 Media Spikes
Welcome to Checkpoint Number Three

A summary of 10 more Media Spikes, together.

Gosh the days are flying by aren't they. I hope you're enjoying these tips.

#21: In advertising parlance we express it as testing. In any other sport we'd call it practice. On stage we'd call it rehearsal. Your ads should always be injected with something new to see if they can continue to be improved on. That Grand Slam of success may be only one or two words away!

#22: Truly your advertising campaign is not unlike your golf game. The right media, just like the right clubs- and how you use them-make all the difference to your success making the 'green $$$$' or putting on the green. Use them in the right combination and you can avoid the rough.

#23: Remember to test on a small scale so you can see what will work on a grander scale.There is no panacea, no one size fits all. Every client, every campaign, every customer has their own style. Finding the media mix that pulls the trigger for the most candidates is what your testing is all about.

#24: The success of outdoor advertising is measured by it's impact with brevity. Space is at a premium. No place for long copy. Formats, facings and geographic placement can all drive increased response and traffic.

#25: Satisfaction of a job well done leads to wanting to do more just like it. Nearing the halfway point in our series, you are head and shoulders above most competitors already!

#26: The media evolution continues. New technology is expected to cannibalize and obliterate all its predecessors. Funny thing is- most of them are still here. Because they have evolved too. Do not be a Chicken Little.

#27: The Internet is not going away. It has become such an indispensable part of the fabric of our global communications. But we continue to caution to not abandon all the media which brought you to this point. Test it. It is a veritable goldmine of testing, with prompt results and will do in days what historically took weeks or longer. Test.

#28: Please do not pull all your media eggs in one basket. Adding a secondary and third and fourth media will enhance your reach and memorability and just maybe....sales.

#29: At the half way point now, we reveal how 57 Spikes was born, and provided a link to Nine Secrets. Another link [] will allow you to access and download our e-book with Nine (9) Secrets of How To Improve Your Advertising. This summarizes 30 years in the media trenches for $30, and gives you specific worksheets and assignments to help you improve your campaigns Just Like That!

#30: Be creative. Be different. There is a world of ME TOO!  Do something unexpected. Not bizarre as that sends the wrong message, but do something that helps your ad get noticed.

This is such a treat for me to be able to share these experiences and tips with you. I genuinely hope they are a good refreshing read for you and have offered some guidance for you.

Thank you for your continued interest and support. The Media Spikes will resume their standard delivery pattern. Once again, please don't hesitate to send me any media questions. I'll do my best in response. Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.
Stay Tuned.

Dennis Kelly

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