Thursday, February 19, 2015
Media Spike #36 – Well, Did It Work Yet?
Greetings dear reader.

So did you buy it yet?

That new suit? The watch? The sexy earrings? The new car? The sweater? The carpeting?

C’mon, the ad has been out there for three days now, why aren’t you running to the cash register?

Most advertisers will stall and hem and haw about what they want to say in their ads. Then when they at last pull the trigger for an online or radio, or newspaper, or outdoor, or television, or magazine or composite of all of these campaign, they’re startled when the cash register doesn’t light up within minutes.

Typically, most consumers receive their product information a spoonful at a time. Learning a bit more about you with each exposure. They may not want or need you right away, but when they do, you want to be the one they think of.

Can you remember a particular product you saw advertised and RIGHT AWAY ran out to buy it? It may have caught your attention. But you’re not impressed enough yet. The second time it caught you attention and piqued your Interest enough to learn more. The next time in front of you, it caught attention, held interest, created desire, but not action.

The following two, or five or thirty more repetitions continued until finally all elements of the AIDA formula came together and you took some action and purchased the product.

As advertisers, the sale can’t happen fast enough.
As consumers we’re not always in such a hurry for the purchase.

Thus repetition becomes necessary to overcome resistance until finally we agree to part with their asking price.

That repetition comes in multiple forms and we can see this same advertiser in newspaper and radio, or in online and magazine, television and outdoor, radio and on-line, in-store and in elevators and all the time you are driving sales and building the brand.

Personally, I believe if you are driving sales successfully, and making your customers happy with dependable, reliable service and products, the brand building will take care of itself.

Your name or logo will transcend all hesitation and speculation because your sales efforts and follow-up have earned you a trustworthy reputation. Something that many brands fail to achieve because of inconsistency.

Do you remember what I mentioned way back in Media Spike #3, that’s about six weeks ago now, that your advertising should be like an ongoing dating process.

That was true then and it still is now.  My wife agreed to our first date all those years ago, but I’m still trying to woo her and keep her attention and interest because the brand is ME.

Remember you are trying to cultivate a long term relationship with your customer. They are your bread and butter and need constant attention to keep coming back to you for whatever your service is.

Another key point to remember in your advertising and marketing is that YOU will tire of your message and media mix long before the customer does.

Too often clients have pulled campaigns that were still working simply because the ‘agency’ wanted to freshen it up.  BUT it’s still working. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. This is a key finding from your testing- you are still testing aren’t you? 

The testing will show you what message is working in what media and if one ad starts to falter, then try another, and another. Keep something going all the time and as well as you’re able, always be in front of your audience with some messaging.

You may not be persuaded on the first attempt, but multiple exposures will lead to enhanced opportunity to make the sale.  Maybe you only needed three exposures while your neighbour needed 19. As long as it continues to pull in sales at a respectable pace, then keep your messaging in the marketplace.

Stay tuned.

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- Dennis Kelly
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