Friday, January 23, 2015
Spike Media Spike #29 - Half Time, Starting the Back Nine, There's Still More To Come
Hello again, come on in. Can you believe we are half-way there already?

Seems we only just got a chance to say hello a short time ago and we’re halfway through our fifty-seven Media Spikes.
Are you enjoying them? If you’re still with me till now I’ll take that as a yes. A few questions have surfaced from readers to date so now’s a good time to exhale and respond.

R.A.F. writes… Where did Media Spike come from? Is it somehow significant for you?

Thanks R.A.F., Media Spike comes from a variation of my Newsletter – The Spike of Angels. I believe your ad message should have the impact and staying power of a Railway Spike driven into the frozen ground. Immovable. Yet it should be served up with the sensitivity and grace of Angels. Each of these messages to date imparts one more Spike in my epistle to you that communications should be delivered in a multitude of formats. Each one able to stand alone, but when used together, an unbreakable link to build a campaign or nation. Thank you RAF

Hey Dennis, writes K.K., what’s with 57 Media Spikes? How did you arrive at that number?

In a lucky twist of fortune, those are the last two digits of my birth year, and at this writing, I will have been on this planet for that many years. So one Spike for every year seemed a good target.  Thanks K.K.

Tell me Dennis, asks T.C., if we like what we’ve seen so far, do you have any other resources?

Several readers have already explored some of the links provided to my website for articles on :
  • Radio advertising
  • My Outdoor media series
  • and some readers have also learned I offer a downloadable PDF e-book which will distill my 30 years into a guide book of nine (9) Media Secrets. Originally offered at $97, this practical hands-on How To Guide is worth multiple times that asking price. In keeping with the spirit of numbers, it’s now available for $30 in keeping with my 30 years in the media trenches. I think you’ll like this one.
M.L.S. asks, Why have you stayed with this business so long? Aren’t there other things you’d like to do?

A great question MLS and I stay in this role because I’m seldom if ever bored. I genuinely still like my work. I love being able to present a solution to a client which spends their funds smartly and creatively and bolsters their profile. I get a lot of satisfaction in turning a blank sheet into a creative plan.

I can’t think of another industry or job which would have given me exposure to so many other industries.

I’ve been privileged to work with many fine professionals on accounts including, hotels and trucks and financial services, plus computer printers and carpeting, workboots and medical services, not to forget cameras and beer, and chicken and florists, as well as several charitable causes, and travel and provincial and federal government accounts.  Also in my portfolio is planning and placement for a variety of automobiles and auto parts and a host of others have kept me sharp and interested. And I love bringing that daily enthusiasm to your doorstep. Thanks M.L.S. I still like what I do for ‘work!’

Stay tuned.

- Dennis Kelly
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