Thursday, May 28, 2015
Media Spike – You deserve a reward…with my appreciation
Thank you Masthead readers.

Sometimes things go off the rails.
Despite all your efforts, diligence, vigilance and savvy, the unexpected happens.
You’ve had days like that?
Me too. Today in fact.

To my horror, I learned of the Dreaded ERROR 404.

Something went bump in the night, and a valuable link for you was disconnected. No you’re right. It shouldn’t happen. But it did. It’s time to make it up to you.

The connecting link which was to bring you to my Nine Secrets of How to Improve Your Advertising and How To Actually Make Your Ads Outperform Your Competition was severed. Broken. Lost. All behind the scenes. Unknown until today.

If you were a victim of Error 404, you have my sincerest regrets for the inconvenience. You are equally the first audience I appeal to with a special offer. You already know this Nine Secrets e-book commands $197. As a Masthead reader it was offered to you for $30 before you completed the series.

In appreciation of your loyalty, and in recognition that June 2015 marks my 20th Anniversary owning First Impressions Media, and as my way atoning for the link hiccup, you are offered a 20th Anniversary discount.

Nine Secrets is available for an unheard of deal of $20. Yes that’s right, only $20 for Nine Secrets which may transform your business, JUST LIKE THAT.

100 Days Of Summer Savings
This is a summer discount of 100 days and will end at midnight, EST, on Friday September 4th, 2015.

The new link for this special offer is: Nine Secrets - 20th Anniversary - 100 Days of Summer - for $20 Deal

Thank you dear Masthead readers for your loyalty. My regrets for any inconvenience you encountered.  I hope you enjoy Nine Secrets and I encourage you to invest in YOU with this Special, One Time Only, 20th Anniversary offer for $20.

The new link again is Nine Secrets - 20th Anniversary - 100 Days of Summer - for $20 Deal

Stay tuned.

Dennis Kelly

- Dennis Kelly
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Dennis is the author of “ 9 Secrets of How To Improve Your Advertising” and is available to Masthead Reader for $197 through a special offer at this link
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