Thursday, January 08, 2015
Media Spike #23 – Bringing It Home
Thanks so much for coming back, I’ve missed you. Are your palms getting sweaty? Heart beating faster? Knees knocking? Relax, it’s a five foot putt. You can make this with your eyes closed. You’ve been practicing and testing what finishes the sale so this is a cinch. And as you grip the putter a little tighter, complete the backswing without breaking your wrists you’re making the final sale with… newspapers, or a direct mail flyer, or a coupon, or taking action on a website, or a referral from a friend...and any and all of those can be the final stroke that completes the sale. 

High Fives all around. You made par. Every client responds differently to every message in every media. To suggest only one media as the final lynchpin is foolhardy at best and irresponsible by me at worst. There is no panacea. No Magic Bullet. No one single trigger to pull that completes the sale. There is no one-way to make a putt. Every player brings their own style, and putting routine that works for them. Your campaign should do the same. Keep testing till you find what works for you.

If that disappoints you, it shouldn’t. We all have our own reasons for choosing everything from carpeting to shoes to golf clubs, to steak, to housing, to every item that comes into your life. Why would we delude ourselves that one size, one answer, one media fits all? It’s possible and probable that more than one media is responsible. And they all contribute to the sale. Which one is the tipping point will change with each consumer. But you’ll increase your opportunities to close the sale by having multiple media players keeping you on the consumers fairway.

So we come full circle to the power of Testing. Practicing. Trial. Learning. Improving. As we expressed at the end of article Media Spike #14, the persistent testing allows you to fail small to win big. Works in golf. Works in media.

Stay tuned.

P.S.  The beauty of this is that all media combinations can be tested. TV does not have to be National. Newspapers can be powerful allies at any stage. Magazines can carry an entire campaign on their own. Digital media are being integrated into seemingly every campaign. Outdoor advertising is a powerful solo player as well as a strong supporting media to a host of other initiatives.

P.P.S. To demonstrate the versatility of each media, I borrowed this tip from the legendary Black Knight – golfer Gary Player.  When I’m off the green, but no obstacles in the way, I often use my Driver as a putter. It has the biggest, flattest face of any club. It gives me more muscle than I can get with a putter, and is safer than lofting the ball in the air with a pitching wedge.  It has worked very well on many occasions for me.

- Dennis Kelly
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