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Media Spike #22 – Next Time You Want To Make A Sale – Go Golfing!
You’re here again- How fabulous. Let’s go. In articles 16 and 21, we made references to golf in our media commentary. While the sport is a favourite among people in the industry - on both buying and selling sides, it also strikes me as a wonderful analogy for using different media as you would use different golf clubs.

You are allowed fourteen (14) clubs in your golf bag. Each one is designed to deliver a particular shot, the delivery of said shot is more in the control of the golfer than it is of the club.

Not unlike your campaign where the results you achieve will be equal to the skill you use in managing your media choices. In simplest terms, let’s pursue the analogy this way: The Golf Ball is Your Message- Your Creative. The Hole on the Green is Your Target Group - Customer-Buyer. So how are you going to get your message in front of your customers as efficiently and with as much panache as possible? This is where your media planner/buyer earns their keep.

Just as in golf, there is no single right answer in your media mix. You may have the great fortune of once in a while firing an ACE. A hole in one. Congratulations when that happens. In the majority, it will take several well executed shots with a selection of clubs to do the job. But just as every golfer has their strengths- some guys can bomb it off the tee, while others have won tournaments just on the skills of their putting- your ad campaign has to draw on the strengths of each media you select.

Importantly, these can be used in many combinations. For example, today we’re promoting New Home Carpeting available at Andy’s – our favourite National Carpet Warehouse.
Our media mix is structured not unlike how you use a Driver, followed by a 5 iron, then a pitching wedge, and finally a putter which will determine your success on each fairway.

Today, our campaign for New Carpeting for your home kicks off with a booming Driver launch off the Tee with a bold, intrusive 30 second Television spot airing on network television.

Long and straight, 285 yards down the fairway, this TV spot delivers the WOW factor as a multitude of consumers marvel at how big and bold you are. (They may not all be carpet buyers, but you’ve let EVERYONE know what you offer.)

While you’re walking/or driving down the fairway, your TV campaign is still airing. You’re planning your next shot. Probably a 5 iron shot, 155 yards to an elevated green. This is perhaps a Radio campaign, which gives you an extended reach of the TV campaign, and allows you to keep it on the fairway with a New Carpeting message tightened to several major markets. Now you can be a bit more selective in the radio stations you appear on to be reaching your target of Adults 35+, Homeowner with $75K+ HHI (HouseHold Income)

Building on the awareness you have initiated with these two broadcast media, you want to get on the green with a 16 yard pitching wedge shot in the form of very specific home/shelter/lifestyle Magazines which will give you the visual extension from TV, plus put the message right in their hands. Here you have a chance for a more personal sales message, and provide detail to make the final push.

Sometimes that Pitch Shot goes in the hole- you made the sale right there. Kudos. Most times, with practice and testing, that pitch comes to rest a few feet or inches from the hole.

Now comes the most valuable shot of all. Your Putter. You want to close the sale. You took them from the WOW of TV, to the local interest of Radio, to the personal excitement of Magazines and now they are THIS close to purchase and... our next Spike we’ll show how we wrap this up so you finish on Par, and complete the sale.

Stay tuned.

P.S. The best score recorded for a single round of golf- 18 holes, is a score of 59. A total of six different golfers have recorded this between 1977 and 2013. The pars varied from 70, 71 and 72 strokes. Thus shooting 11, 12, or 13 under par is a memorable round for any golfer.
- Dennis Kelly
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