Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Media Spike #25 – The Best Part Of My Job
Greetings once again, Do you like your job?

I hope so. You spend so much of your life at your work, you really should enjoy your work. Yes I know, commutes, low pay, lousy bosses, belligerent co-workers, and a host of other strains can make your day to day a continual nightmare. You have my empathy.

In the majority, I’m lucky enough to say I still enjoy my job. For me, there is enormous satisfaction in crafting a smart and creative media plan which saves my clients money, points them in a new direction, stimulates sales, drives traffic, elevates their profile, and just plain makes them achieve their sales objectives.

Media planning and buying - It’s not rocket science, nor brain surgery, but being the steward of your ad budget is a responsibility I take very seriously. I like to see your campaigns do exceedingly well. Knowing that my efforts helped make the cash register ring for you, that’s a great reward.

So how do you improve your advertising without immersing yourself into multiple years of planning and buying experience?

Genuinely you are already head and shoulders above 90% of your competition just by staying with me this long. No false modesty, but the tips and insights revealed thus far are strategies that have worked for me for 3 decades for dozens and dozens of large and small clients. They will work for you.

In fact, one of the strongest resources you have is the first document that got you started with me. If you haven’t already accessed the Spike of Angels Media Briefing Template, you can secure a copy from this link.

That single document, when completed by you, will give you and your media team some necessary direction and compel you to focus on what you want the campaign to do.

By itself, that document, in various forms through the years, has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars for many clients. It reduces or eliminates guesswork and assumptions, and it helps the client and agency be literally on the same page. Nobody likes surprises, especially when money is concerned.

Today, like my Outdoor ads…Brevity is best.

Stay tuned.

P.S.  Is it time to abandon ship?


- Dennis Kelly
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A professional to his fingertips, Dennis Kelly of First Impressions Media brings a deft touch as your media magician. Extracting incremental media value for you from suppliers is second nature for Dennis. His versatility in all media is bred of 3 decades of hands-on media planning & buying experience in the media trenches. As a steward of your media budget, Dennis excels in delivering smart, efficient, creative and targeted campaigns to showcase your creative to the right audience.

Dennis is the author of “ 9 Secrets of How To Improve Your Advertising” and is available to Masthead Reader for $197 through a special offer at this link
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