Wednesday, December 17, 2014
Media Spike # 17 – Alone Without Isolation
Welcome back. Hope you’ve had a great day. As I write this, I can’t help but be reminded of the seemingly endless variety of media which are available at our fingertips today. Equally how impressive it is we can use this electronic media to communicate about the strengths, limitations and nuances of all the other media you encounter each day.

My office overlooks a deep pastoral-like setting of evergreens, cedars and a few colourful maple trees. In the summer their shade is a welcome respite on a hot day. In fall, their colours blaze with fiery intensity few painters could capture. As the snow descends, they transform this setting into a picture perfect Christmas card scene.

Amidst this daily serenity, I am connected to the globe by the Internet.
A radio or CD often keeps me company in the background.
My cellphone is at my side for immediate communications by voice or text.
My landline is always at the ready.
My in-tray is replete with current magazines for multiple industries.
When the day is done (or during the World Series) even a few moments of Television can find their way into my office.

It’s not long ago each of these were dreams by pioneers. Now they have become so entrenched in our daily lives, we can’t survive without needing to feel connected somewhere.

Truly I’m thrilled you’ve joined me each Media Spike. You devote a few precious minutes to me and it’s a privilege. Thank you. How much more precious is the rest of your day? What other media are fighting for your attention all day? Stand by, because in our next Spike, we’re going to walk through the daily media assault on your senses.

Stay tuned.

P.S. Have a Great Day!


- Dennis Kelly
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