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This opening statement is to inspire the next generation of content creators in Canada as we have the will, resources and passion to be world class. The COPAs have become an essential tool in the Canadian digital landscape in this annual showase for our industry of who is the best.

We must continue to grow and adapt in an ever changing world with technology companies pushing the next wave on us even if we are not ready for it like AI. Before that it was virtual reality, chat bots, big data and the list goes on. Some stick and some don’t like 3D TV and wearable glasses. Have you ever used a Chatbot on a telco website? What a horrible experience so there are more misses than hits.

Personally, I had some creative growth in 2023 as my journey in the last year to become an actor that was part of my bucket list. So when somebody says it is over when you turn 60 they have been brainwashed by the “Freedom 55” ad campaign that has been embedded in today’’s mindset of success. ( BTW, I have hung around some retired guys and the most exciting thing they have to look forward to is the furnace man coming to the house, that's not me..LOL) You can still do great things in your 60's and 70’s. Here is a Keith Richards quote” You never stop growing until they put a shovel in the ground” as words to live by and if anybody was to die young it was Keith Richards.

Star Trek Strange New World is shot on CBS Sound stages in Toronto
This acting journey started with me wanting to get on Star Trek as background actor. It has shown me that we have some world class talent producing TV shows, movies and commercials.  I personally have shot scenes in Toronto that represent cities in the USA like Washington, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Minneapolis and even an alien planet in the numerous sound stages scattered across the city. I got to realize the dream of being a background actor on Star Trek in Strange New Worlds this May 2024. Toronto is a global production hub as I shot a movie (Covid Drama) and Fantasy TV show where I play a Crime Boss just for Asian audiences not just for Hollywood.

 The Stromedy Channel has over 10 million Subscribers

I even came across a YouTuber “Stromedy Channel” that had over 5 million million subscribers in July 2023 and now has over 10 million shooting from a home they purchased through YouTube ad revenue. I was in a clip that was seen 40K in 2 days as part of a
ghost skit and now has over 500K. This experience greatly influenced the decision to add influencers to the COPA’s. This YouTube Playhouse I call them are an amazing group of people.

The journey also landed me a spot in a Quaker Oats Ad called “100 Reason to Rise” that was part of a global campaign, but was shot in Toronto because of the multicultural demographics that can represent the world. The client is based in London, UK along with the ad agency, but production was done in Toronto. If you ever take a stroll to all the cultural communities in Toronto you can go to little Italy, Manila, Greektown, Sri Lankan, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Russian, Caribbean, Mexican, Farsi and the list goes on.

(This experience taught me that long shots do come in as this was an open casting call and I pitched them my social media personna I had created and adapted for the ad pitch“ Grandpa Rent a Goalie” fueled by Quaker Oats along with a quote for a Rocky movie that I still have fire in the belly. I was also casted in an Expedia Travel ad that is still running, but only my elbow ended up in the ad LOL  I have a reel now 
ClubMartySeto YouTube Channel)
Quaker - Rise Up Campaign

We at the COPA’s already knew about this culutural diversity and we have a catgeory for multi-cultutal stories and Orange Shirt Day on September 30 is the COPA entry deadline as a symbolic gesture like the call for Entries on July 1, Canada day. 

My creative growth did have some unexpected turns too. I did a 5 min corporate video for Abbott Labs for a diabetes empathy story (I had to do a sugar shock scene 10x, so acting is hard work LOL). But the most fun was a live performance in a Murder Mystery skit at a corporate event where I got killed by a fork in the green room. This ride has taught me a lot things like all the film schools in Canada that are now part of the outreach of the COPA’s in the academic category.

Canada is home to some great talent that this posting is pat on the back to you ALL. As the producer of the COPAs I see it every year, but this past year I was on the other side of the content equation as talent and got to see the directors, cameras, lights and action. We have all the raw ingredients in Canada to create world class content on all levels in Canada. Let's keep telling the world about it so the next generation can be inspired to do better!

The 2024 COPA Call for Entries is July 1, 2024

The Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) the largest digital publishing awards program for Canadian content creators call for entries is on July 1, Canada Day. The deadline for entries is September 30, 2024. The 2024 categories have been released in 4 divisions ( B2B , B2C, News, and Academic). The COPAs is now in its 16th year. Visit the 2024 Rules Page here . 

Call for Judges
The COPA call for judges is now open if you are interested in becoming a judge and be part of the Who's Who of digital publishing in Canada. Register Here.
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Martin Seto is the producer of the Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAS) with 30 years of life expereince in technology, advertising, media and creative exploration. He can be reached at marty(dot)seto(at) or 416-907-6562, and on LinkedIn.

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