Tuesday, December 22, 2020
The Great Digital Experiment: The COPA 2020 Awards Re-Invented
One rule of life is that invention is the mother of necessity and the COPA Awards this year we had to pivot on the fly to changing to market conditions. My journey in re-inventing the COPA awards party this year has been both fun and exciting in many ways as I was forced outside the box to come up with a solution. This year I wanted to retain the key elements of the COPA Awards party as this is a PARTY and this is an industry celebration. With the pandemic keeping people at home I also want do something to lift the spirits of these people with the event, a challenging prospect.


The COPAs are the tip of the spear for the publishing industry as we forge ahead in competing with the titans of the digital ad industry that control the lion share of ad dollars. So we intend to lead the charge as help the industry innovate with the re-invented COPA Awards Party. We resisted the temptation to have a free event and have created a paid model that hopefully makes it better than ever before for all participants from across the country. We welcome the industry to participate in this test of this new model,


12th Annual COPA Awards Party


This year’s COPA event has been reinvented to a live digital affair that will allow finalists to participate for the first time from across Canada versus a live-in-person event. Based on industry feedback we are going too push the edge with a digital event where all attendees will have a personal Avatar, that will be your virtual person at the digital venue. (We have been told that Zoom is so tired and we need a little excitement and fun.) The event will be broadcasted on twitter #COPAwards as in previous years.


Your own Personal Avatar

The Avatar will allow you to go into to different rooms and have one-on-one  conversations with people you see at the digital venue. The rooms are set up for presentations with video, for networking and group chats with friends and colleagues. You can even send a drink emoticon to friend you see to start a conversation.


Digital Venue
The COPA Awards will be held on Thursday Feb 4 from 4-7pm EST in a Classroom style floorpan that you can navigate with your avatar and go to different rooms and watch presentations or just chat with a friend or colleague. You can come a go as you please in the rooms. Each room can hold up to 16 people and with a video chat format. We will have drop-in presentations in two rooms from Business Wire on Content Management and from Happyfication on Media Tech Trends for Publishers. The main auditorium where the COPA Awards will shown will allow attendees to come to the stage and receive the award.



COPA After Party

We will have for the first time a "COPA Winners After Party" at a virtual paradise island location as part of the festivities. Members of your team can go into any room or on the beach on this virtual island and have your own private party. All Winners will receive a Winners Digital Loot Bag via email during the After Party to all people that attend.



We are working with Sococo in creating an event model using their virtual office platform in Canada as an added value partner, who has been around for over 5 years. Here is a link to a video how on this works. We hope you will join us in what has been described by the COPA Judges Panel so far as “Cool” and “Innovative.” shows us that we are on the right track. The cost is $30 to attend and you can register here COPA PARTY.



Dates: February 3 and 4, 2020

Wednesday: February 3: Digital Venue Open House (Drop-in)

Thursday: February 4: COPA AWARDS PARTY

Presentations: 2pm and 3pm 

BusinessWire: Content Trends (30 mins)

Happyification: Media Tech Trends (30 mins)

COPA Awards - 4 -7pm

COPA AFTER Party 7-9pm

Cost: $30 person (10% discount for 5 or more)

- Martin Seto
About Me
Martin Seto

Martin Seto is the producer of the Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAS) with 30 years of life expereince in technology, advertising, media and creative exploration. He can be reached at marty(dot)seto(at)
reflexmediasales.com or 416-907-6562, and on LinkedIn.

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