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27 June 2013,     TORONTO
Who is the new print buyer, and what do they want?
Industry consultants John Zarwan and Margie Dana are conducting a survey to profile 'the new print buyer.' "I've seen more changes in print buying during the past three years than in my entire 25-year career," said Dana.

According to a release from Dana's consultancy business, more print buyers nowadays often also have other functions within a company, and print is being purchased by other corporate professionals like marketers for whom print is part of a larger media project. As well, more print is being bought online.

The survey is open to U.S. and Canada-based professionals who source commercial printing for their employers, including print buyers, production managers, graphic designers and print brokers. Print service providers are not eligible to participate.

Participate in the survey here for a chance to win a $75 Amazon gift certificate or a copy of the recently announced Enfocus Connect software.
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