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Advertising Sales: [8 postings]
Account Executive
- Waterloo, ON
Advertising Sales
- Pickering, Ontario
Sales Executive
- Mississauga
Account Manager
- Richmond HIll, Ontario
Advertising Sales Executive
- Lake Simcoe, just north of Toronto
Sales Executive
- Toronto
Circulation: [1 posting]
Circulation Manager
- 1 Mount Pleasant, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2Y5
Design: [5 postings]
Sr Associate Art Director
- Toronto, Ontario
Graphic Designer
- Oakville, ON Canada
Designer/Production Coordinator
- Palmer Rapids, Ontario
Editorial: [7 postings]
Editorial Assistant
- Toronto, Ontario
Editorial Assistant
- Oakville, ON Canada
Editor, Where Toronto
- Toronto, Ontario
Management & Administration: [1 posting]
Web Publishing: [1 posting]
Internships: [2 postings]
Editorial intern
- Westmount, QC
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Rick Spence says:
A very special talent. John will be missed,though I suspect he'll never be far away....