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Friday, July 14, 2017
Magazine Media Brandaid
Norm Lourenco RGD

Writers and editors should all be fully aware of your target keywords and phrases and begin the process of incorporating them into the content they create, according to the Editorial/Content Calendar.


Today’s keyword writing strategies no longer focus on things like stuffing keywords into meta tags or keyword density, but it is important to employ modern SEO best practices for copywriting. That means writing good, clean, unique, interesting and engaging (original) copy that is topically focused with just the right mix of target keywords, phrases, synonyms, co-occurrence and magazine/brand associations. This ensures that the content is reader friendly and valuable, setting it apart from content written solely for the search engines, yet ensures that your content will show up in the search engines, and that, over time, your rankings will grow. 


Creating your content this way and mixing in a good blend of properly tagged and titled images and supporting video, builds rich context that gets your pages higher ranking in search, for longtail phrases as well as your primary keyword targets. In addition, it’s important for your writers to employ a “call to action”, directing readers to your website to sign up for newsletters and email, when this is appropriate.  


Remember that you’re working toward two goals for finding readers. The first is with the headline, which should be catchy and interesting, to bring readers within the first 48 hours after the article is released. For gaining long term search engine viability for your article, however, the page title must be keyword rich and compelling. 


As you can see, it’s critical for writers and editors to understand the right keywords for your content, and the process of conducting effective keyword research.


Keyword Research - Deep Dive

Once editors have a good understanding of how to incorporate SEO into their workflow, it’s time to go deep, by expanding beyond the first 100 words you determined. Work with them to research additional keywords and phrases for topics that are directly related to the type of content inherent in the industry you represent with and in the type of reader you want to attract. 


This is a bit more complex than simply coming up with the first 100 words, so it’s important to employ some tools designed to help you learn the appropriate long tail keywords for your content. Try tools like “Keyword Tool” and “Keyword Planner” to identify question based queries, and search volume. To learn what keywords your competitors use and how well these rank, take a look at SEMRush. This is a great way to find keywords that are working for your competition. 


Create a Strategy for Your Editorial Calendar

You’re probably using an editorial calendar to plan your articles. To make this calendar an effective tool for increasing your search engine rank, you need a two part strategy. 

First, choose the keywords that will be highlighted in upcoming content already on the calendar. Take a look at the planned content and research the appropriate keywords for this content before the writing begins. In the future, keywords should be identified as content ideas are developed. The idea here is that when a writer begins an article, he or she knows the keywords to be incorporated before taking pen to paper. 


Part two of this strategy is to begin working at this from the opposite perspective, as well. This means deciding on future magazine content based on the keywords relevant to your industry that are most commonly searched.

For example, let’s say you have a gardening magazine, and this year’s hottest plant is the hydrangea. You know this because you have researched what gardening and plant topics are being frequently searched this spring. 


Let’s hope that the reason the hydrangea is in vogue this year is because you wrote about how great this plant is last year. But, even if that’s not the case, you want to capitalize on the fact that hydrangea is the hot plant. So, now that you know that everyone is into hydrangeas this year, you know you need to write an article about them, pronto. The more frequently someone is searching a particular keyword relevant to your industry, the more quickly you need to create an article around that keyword. 

Using this two pronged approach ensures you’re consistently working toward providing the content that online readers are looking for. 


Once you’ve incorporated these methods, you’ve developed a solid strategy and should have a big list of keywords to focus your efforts around. In the next article, we’ll talk about how to keep this momentum going. 

Friday, July 14, 2017
Covers Sell
Scott Bullock
French court denied a bid by a Paris prosecutor who called for Paris Match magazine to be removed from sale on newsstands.  At issue: images from the terrorist attack in Nice, on the one-year anniversary of the Bastille Day massacre.  Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel, 31, drove a rented truck into a crowd of people as they watched a fireworks display late on July 14th, 2016, killing 86 people.  More than 300 people were injured in the brutal attack.


A French journalist’s union, SNJ,  condemned the prosecutor’s request, warning that it was a curb on press freedom.



Managing Editor Olivier Royant said the magazine “aims to fight tooth and nail for the right of citizens, and first and foremost of victims, to know exactly what happened during the attack”.

A group representing the families of victims had complained that the magazine was being insensitive for “morbid sensationalism.”


The judge did ban the future publication of two particular images either in print or in digital forms.

Friday, July 14, 2017
Covers Sell
Scott Bullock

The latest SIP from LEGION is scheduled to hit newsstands on August 7th, 2017. Here’s what Art Director Jason Duprau had to say about this issue:


“When the First World War started in 1914, Canada’s population was less than 8 million, yet more than 620,000 enlisted to stand up to tyranny. Many of the surviving soldiers felt compelled to share their stories—not necessarily with everyone, but with those who had also served—and Legion Magazine helped their voices be heard. Many of those stories, accompanied by dozens of dramatic photos, are collected in this new special issue.  The cover features an iconic photo with great eye-contact, a clear and concise sky bar, compelling main sell-line and a button graphic, highlighting 88 Iconic WWI Photos.”


The issue sells for $14.95

Friday, July 14, 2017
Covers Sell
Scott Bullock

The Sept/Oct 2017 issue of Canadian Real Estate Wealth is scheduled to hit newsstands on August 14th, 2017.


With real estate markets across the country sizzling, Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s cover is extremely timely and contains valuable information anyone can put to good use. This magazine is on a major roll, with 12 of the past 14 issues posting sales gains…over a two year period!


Highlights of this cover include:

• Sky Bar effectively alternates white and yellow for legibility

• Bold Type for Main Sell Line

• Use of check symbols in far left position

• Use of Number 3 to highlight value

• Use of underline technique to add interest

• Color Choice of Yellow creates hot effect off Blue background


The magazine retails for $7.99


Art Director:  Ali Chin


Friday, July 07, 2017
Covers Sell
Scott Bullock

The July 2017 issue of Toronto Life features an interesting cover line:  HAMILTON in huge screaming type, supported by 6 starbursts proclaiming the benefits of our sister-city.




Here’s what Editor Sarah Fulford has to say about this one:

“Increasingly, city-loving house-hunters in Toronto are faced with three choices: buy a tiny condo, rent an apartment forever or move to Hamilton We put the Stuart Berman’s excellent story on the cover to tap into that conversation. Toronto Life’s art director, Christine Dewairy, came up with the cheeky line “Toronto’s New Hot Spot” to signal that the article looks at Hamilton through the eyes of someone priced out of Toronto.”


It’s a gutsy move. And a really well-written, interesting article.  I thought it might be the first time a city magazine has featured another city on it’s cover, so I checked with Alan Centofante, a newsstand consultant on many of the USA’s top city magazines.  He came back with a few, including one that Toronto Life did on Chicago, back in Sep 2000.

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