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Versatile Publishing Platform for Sale, Licence or Partnering:
The Platform: If you are a publisher who is looking to expand into new markets or different niches, then we would love to talk to you. Our online platform was created by a publisher with 20 years experience launching magazines and classified-focused products. The platform is easily customized to handle either user-generated or publisher-generated content—and it can be segmented by topic and region. It is built to process high volumes of content, is easily scaled—and it offers different monetization options. Uniquely, it links content within the platform so as to create a viral reach for advertisers and also the content. To view a sample platform, please check What type of Publisher will benefit most? It is very well-suited for any publisher who has a base in a market or niche via their site traffic, social media or email. It is also ideal for a publisher looking to showcase content locally or launch new products. We are open to: a)Working with strategic partners who specialize in specific niches or geographic areas. b)Licencing out the platform on an exclusive basis to select publishers. c)Selling the platform outright. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Gord Carley at 1-866-220-4909 or via email at
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It's a more base version of the Globe Style Advisor. Which is already base....