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8 December 2014,     TORONTO
The Agenda takes on Canadian magazines
The Agenda with Steve Paikin tackled the future of the magazine industry during a recent episode of the TVO show. Jonathan Kay, the newly appointed editor-in-chief of The Walrus; Haley Cullingham, editor-in-chief of the Montréal-based Maisonneuve; Sarah Fulford, editor-in-chief of Toronto Life and Steve Maich head of Rogers Publishing all participated in the discussion. Topics ranged from the impact digital has had on print magazines to whether or not women read more magazines than men.

Jonathan Kay on the industry: “You're not battling for people’s money, you’re battling for people's time.”

Sarah Fulford on her publication: “Toronto Life magazine seeks to be irresistible and indispensible.”

Steve Maich on ads: “We don’t have an audience problem in the industry, we have a revenue problem.”

Haley Cullingham on the much disputed “death” of the print magazine: “An obvious example is records/LPs. Twenty years ago nobody wanted to buy them and as things became more and more digital—people have an affinity for something they can hold… I think there’s something about print magazines that people like and they’re going to be around for a long time.”
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