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2 November 2012,     TORONTO
Harrowsmith Almanac magazine returns under new publisher
There's a new chapter in the Harrowsmith saga, the brand that included the magazine (Harrowsmith Country Life) and accompanying almanac that were shut down last year.

Moongate Publishing, a custom content, branding and strategic communication company in Toronto started by former Harrowsmith staffer Yolanda Thornton and James Morris, has taken the reins and revived the Harrowsmith Truly Canadian Almanac.

The 2013 edition of the almanac already hit newsstands with 92,000 copies across Canada, and a first-ever spring edition is planned for April 8 with a focus on gardening and making the best of springtime.

Tom Cruikshank, the long-time editor of Harrowsmith Country Life who was let go suddenly by the previous publisher, is the editor of the almanac. "Tom and I are very enthused with the initial response," said Thornton in an email.

A website and Facebook page for the almanac have also been launched.
"Together with Tom Cruickshank, we have great plans for the Harrowsmith Almanac brand," she noted. When asked whether Harrowsmith Country Life will also be brought back, she said, "There is an appetite in the market to revive the magazine and it's something we are exploring."
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