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2 November 2015,     TORONTO
Flare to pull its print publication from newsstands
According to The Globe and Mail, Flare magazine will cease printing the Canadian fashion magazine due to declining sales, effective January 2016.

Single copy sales of Flare dropped in recent years from an average of more than 12,000 a month in 2012 (when copies represented 9.6% of total circulation) to almost 2,600 per month for the first half of 2015 (2.8 % of total circulation). On the other hand, Flare’s digital circulation has grown to an average of almost 28,000 copies, which comes to 29% of its circulation.

Rogers Media group publisher Melissa Ahlstrand told The Globe, that Flare’s editor Cameron Williamson recently met with a group of university students who told him that they read the magazine. “Ten minutes into the conversation, he realized they were following us on Instagram and Twitter, they didn’t actually read the magazine. But they called themselves readers,” Ahlstrand said. “We love that, and we want to engage with that demographic on whatever platform they’re going to come to us on.”
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