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13 April 2010,     TORONTO
2: The Magazine for Couples to launch iPad application
2: The Magazine for Couples has announced it is developing an application for the iPad, with plans to release it by the summer, says publisher Diane Hall.

Publisher Diane Hall with the 2 website on the Apple iPad
Publisher Diane Hall with the 2 website on the Apple iPad

The quarterly magazine, published by Toronto-based 2 For Life Media Inc. sees expanding into new markets and increasing its frequency as the two main opportunities in launching on the device, which sold 300,000 units its first weekend in the U.S., says Hall. “We have always thought the 2 Magazine concept would work well in other markets, but it is always how are we going to take it to that market,” says Hall. “Also, the number one complaint we get from readers is that we don’t publish enough. But obviously there are issues with printing costs that aren’t there with this device.”

Hall says 2’s application will include monthly magazines that will drop into the users mailbox along with other features such as a live wire from its website and an area for couples to clip and save articles for eachother. “We’ve seen ourselves as working really well in launching on the iPad, because it has been marketed as something for the household,” says Hall. “Something to share.”

Advertisers have been responding positively to news of 2’s plan to launch on the device, says Hall. “We’re not looking for 50 advertisers to launch with us,” she says. “Maybe five or six. It’s an unknown time, but it is also a time where you can gain a competitive advantage. We want to bring clients that may not have gotten onto the iPad for two years on with us. Not to wait for all the ad models to unfold, want to do what works with our publication.”

2’s small size and commitment to innovation are main drivers behind being early adopters of the iPad, says Hall.  Other larger Canadian publishers, including Transcontinental have noted the iPad in their 2010 plans but not released concrete announcements on developing for the device. “I think because we’re small we can take a chance and get on the device sooner,” says Hall. “I want to be one of the first on the device when it is released in Canada.”

— Val Maloney
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