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2 March 2009,     TORONTO
Gay wedding magazine folds
Husband-and-wife publishing team Brandon and Christine Jones have decided to stop publishing Wedding Essentials For Same-Sex Couples, a biannual spin-off of their core title, Wedding Essentials. Brandon Jones cited the recession and difficulty in gaining acceptance from the gay community as reasons for the decision.

Wedding Essentials for Same-Sex Couples had a controlled circulation around 15,500.
“We launched it first of all as a business venture, but secondly because we’re big supporters of personal freedom and gay rights,” Jones said. “But if you’re not making any money, that kind of goes out the door.”

Jones said the magazine’s business strategy—essentially offering Wedding Essentials advertisers tthe opportunity to reach a new market—worked on paper. But because the Jones’ are not gay, it was difficult to garner ad purchases from gay-oriented businesses, Jones said. “We weren’t insiders.”

As far as Jones knows, no other magazine of this kind exists in North America. But he does believe that in the future, a same-sex wedding title—possibly run by people with more direct ties to the gay community—can thrive. “I think there are some large advertisers that at long-last are beginning to realize that the gay community is well-heeled.”
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