Saturday, April 22, 2017

Getting away from the desk and computer is a good thing as it allows you clear your mind so your creative juices can be refreshed and The Art of the Marketing Conference held this April 3 at the Metro Convention is one good way. They had 6 speakers - Ann Handley, Ron Tite, Terry O’Oreilly, Ryan Holiday, Troy Carter and Jonah Berger, who are 5 book authors with expertise in content, creative thinking( 2), digital, marketing and Lady Gaga’s music manager.There was also a panel discussion.



The common thread amongst the speakers was to think outside the box for a creative solution, even if it makes you uncomfortable sometimes. It is time to be counter-intuitative says Terry O'Reilly. New concepts introduced like “Digital Kickback” from Ron Kite describes a shift in consumer behaviour as they are pushing back against digital interactions and crave more face to face. Another one was from Ryan Holiday as he talked about  “Hacker Marketing” on how tech start-ups created a self-sustaining marketing program at very little cost. 


Check-out the photos of the Art of Marketing carton infographics of the speakers and notes of the discussions for all the attendees below for more inspiration.


The Call for Entries for the 2017 Canadian Online Publishing Awards (COPAs) is open and the Early bird deadline is June 9. Visit 

Thursday, April 20, 2017
There is no better way to look at data when it is incorporated with pictures. This delightful infographic from Comscore reveals some interesting facts of today's smartphome user. We need entries like this in the Best Interactive/Infographic category for the upcoming 2017 COPAs when the call for entries open May 1, 2017.


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