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18 November 2009,     TORONTO
Business publication changes, digital advisory committee announced for ABC
At the recent ABC board of directors meeting a few changes were announced including making some paragraphs optional for business publications and digital editions in reports. The creation of a Canadian digital advisory committee was also announced.

Manger of communications Kammi Altiq said that paragraphs in the business publication ABC reports were made optional based on a decision by its publisher and advertising agency committees. “It alleviates some of the time around creating publishing and audit reports,” she said. “It gives the publication some flexibility to decide whether the information is necessary.” Where the publisher chooses not to report the optional paragraphs an explanatory note is needed. The optional paragraphs for ABC business publications are:
•    Paragraph 3C Mailing Address Analysis
•    Paragraph 6 Term Data
•    Paragraph 7 Sales Channels
•    Paragraph 8 Premium Usage
•    Paragraph 9 Post-Expire Copies Included in Paid Circulation

Changes to the reporting of digital circulation for business publications were also made. Publishers will now only be required to report break out digital edition circulation if the average number exceeds five percent of total average paid circulation. Front-page top line data will still be required until it reaches five percent, said Altiq.

The formation of a Canadian Digital Advisory Committee was also announced at the meeting. The committee, to be headed by Toronto-based advertising company 58ninety Inc. CEO and partner Ted Boyd will examine trends in online advertising, emerging media and the role ABC will play in that space, said Altiq. It is similar to the digital committee in the U.S. and will be formed of publishers, advertisers and advertising agencies.

— Val Maloney
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