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31 March 2016,     TORONTO
Emerge Media Awards semifinalists announced
Semifinalists for the 2016 Emerge Media Awards—now in its second year—have been announced. The awards showcases the talent of students in Canadian colleges and universities in various categories including: written word, multimedia production, photography, advertising, videography, graphic/digital design: editorial, audio storytelling and public relations.


Organized by fourth-year Media Studies students at the University of Guelph-Humber, Emerge Media Awards submissions will be judged by 49 independent industry professionals. Judges will take each submission’s originality, creativity, audience appeal and professionalism into consideration.

There were 39 submissions representing nine students from 13 Canadian post secondary institutions. Winners will be announced on April 25, 2016 at a dinner organized by UofGuelph-Humber’s fourth-year Public Relations students.

And the semifinalists are:

Written Word
  • Tamanna Khurana, MacEwan University, The Struggle for the Soul of Alberta Avenue”
  • Riyah Lakhani, MacEwan University, “A Refugee’s Tale”
  • Matthew Pariselli, Humber College, “Changing Lanes”
  • Emily Rendell-Watson, University of King’s College, “The Allure of the North”
  • Eric Wickham, Humber College, “God, the Court and the Scofflaw”
Audio Storytelling
  • Nicholas Bolton, Humber College, “Compelling Radio: Storytelling”
  • Marlon Gomez, Humber College, “Creative Canada – Poutine (Episode 1)”
  • Kenan Habibovic, Loretta Milnovich, Geordie Huband, Tavis Laffin
  • Humber College, “Tomorrow Doesn’t Happen Without Today”
  • Mel Hattie, University of King’s College, “The Fight for PTSD Service Dogs”Emily Rendell-Watson, University of King’s College, “Tiny House Movement”
  • Karlo King, Mohawk College, “Cut the Cords”
  • Nathalie Laflamme, Leah Batstone, Joseph Arciresi, Mim Kempson, Jordan Yeager, Taisha Henry, Madelon Kirov
    Concordia University, “The menstruation situation”
  • Darryl Sherk, Niagara College, “YouTube Comments”
  • Kalyna Taras, Jenna Silta, Mac Kropf, Brad Curran, Mark Ventresca Niagara College, “Inspiring Potential”
  • Lucas Willems, Tia Bellaire, Adriana Skender, Sam Sullivan, Neil Coplan, Erin Huston Fanshawe College, “My Friend the Jellyfish”
Public Relations
  • Lauren Barclay, Amanda Hacio - Humber College, David’s Tea Media Kit
  • Madisyn Latham, Cambrian College, Strategic Communications Plan: Sudbury Women’s Centre Community Awareness Initiative
  • Delia Loveless, Brett Leslie, Sarah Stenabaugh, Simone Mekli, Angelica Tarli, Jenna Van Klaveren, James Collura, Alena Kondratieva, Brittney Collard, Matthew Barker, Rachel Jones, Jessica Cabral, Alana Lewis
    Mohawk College, Opening Hearts Public Relations Plan
  • Emma Martin, Hayley Davison, Erin Donnelly, Christin Gillard Catherine McCabe, Shelby Andrew, Brittaney Seguin
    University of Guelph-Humber, Request for Proposal: Humber College Athletics
  • Ranziba Nehrin, Kaitlyn Patterson
    Humber College, Media Kit: TFI Fashion House
  • Heather Delph, Sheridan College, Toronto Food & Wine Festival Direct Mail Package
  • Sergio Mazzaferro, University of Guelph-Humber, Ibanez Advertisement
  • Matthew McDougall, Mohawk College, “Tattoo”
  • Ashley Ann Mentley, St. Clair College, “Tag Fashion”
Graphic/Editorial Design
  • Naureen Ahmed, St. Clair College, She Magazine Cover and Inside Spread
  • Adrian DiStefano, University of Guelph-Humber, Viral Travels Magazine: Spain Spread
  • Rachel Hamilton, Mohawk College, Hello Giggles Brochure
  • Ashley Ann Mentley, St. Clair College, Up Up and Away Café
  • Matthew Pariselli, Mahnoor Yawar, Jennifer Berry, Katherine Green, Alexandra Martino, Jessica Reyes, Sam Juric
    Humber College, Shatter Magazine Cover
  • Alex Gayoso, Humber College, “The Evolving Producer in Radio”
  • Jean-Étienne Sheehy, University of King’s College, “Funding Music: Following the Money Trail to New Brunswick
  • Paula Reid, University of Guelph-Humber, “Toronto’s Legendary Venue: The Heart Behind the Music”
  • Sheridan Online News Production Team- Rachael Aragona, Taylor Gibara, Tariq Mashal, Max August, Quintin Bignell - Sheridan College, “May Contain Plastic”
  • Jacqueline Gallant, Alex Vautour, Paige LeClaire, Nicole Munro, Kevin Lemieux, MacKenzie Riley, Mary Fahey, Patrick McCullough, Michael Bourgeois, Scott Hems, Dylan Hackett, St. Thomas University, “The Fog of Rape: Normalizing a Campus Crime”
  • Jesse Hebert, University of Windsor, “Dinner for One”
  • Lauren Huston, University of Guelph-Humber, “Strange Lives”
  • Lorie Peacock, Niagara College, Series of Original Advertisement Photos
  • Kyle Phillips, Justine VanDyke, University of Guelph-Humber, “In Motion”
  • Oliver Hannak, Niagara College, Series of Emulated Advertisements
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