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18 August 2009,     TORONTO
Walrus previews new issue with video trailer
Just a week after it got a bunch of Canadian celebrity-ish types to talk on camera about how much this country needs The Walrus, the registered charity/national general interest magazine unveiled a new initiative, whereby each issue will be previewed with an animated video trailer. The Walrus claims this is the first time a magazine has done anything like this and we have not as yet found any evidence to the contrary.

The first trailer previews a story on the Battle of the Plains of Abraham by Helen Humphreys. A company called Ingenious Devices produced it, pro bono.

Trailer: Sept 2009 Issue from The Walrus Magazine on Vimeo.

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Jaded says:
Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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Lorene Shyba says:
Full of terrific information, Thanks!...
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