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13 May 2009,     TORONTO
Circ veteran behind launch of new digital edition platform
James Zammit
James Zammit, a 15-year b-to-b publishing and circulation veteran, has joined forces with CTO Daniel Dos Santos to launch Digitallity Works Inc., offering a new digital publication platform called DigiWorks. Zammit, currently the director of audience development at Woodbridge, Ont.-based QMP Media, says he saw a market need for a digital platform developed and run by people with a background in the magazine industry. 

DigiWorks charges a flat rate of $20 per page with an additional fee of $125 for any rich media item, such as audio or video. While some competitors offer a lower rate per page, they often charge additional fees for hosting and other features already included in the DigiWorks flat rate, Zammit says. When those costs are included in the final price, the average rate breaks down to about $25 per page, Zammit says."For the particularly smaller publishers, some of the major players out there could be cost prohibitive," Zammit says.

Like other digital edition platforms, DigiWorks was built using Flash. "The one setback is that Flash is an image,” Zammit says. “So if you were to go on Google and search for an article heading that was in a Flash digital edition, Google's not going to find anything for you, because as far as Google is concerned, there's no text there.”

To remedy this, Zammit and Dos Santos developed a conversion process that embeds text behind the Flash image. "Nobody can see it. But as far as a search engine is concerned, it's now all of a sudden able to read something. So it gives the publisher and the publisher's advertisers that much more exposure."

— Lora Grady
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