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4 April 2011,     TORONTO
Toronto Standard magazine readies for launch
It isn’t often that publications come back from the dead.
In its former incarnation, Toronto Standard was a short-lived paper published from 1848 to 1850. Fiercely conservative and loyal to the monarchy above all, many of its editorials read more like manifestos.
It has found new life in a vastly different format. Launching April 7, 2011, the new daily Toronto Standard has little in common with its namesake — save for perhaps, the old-timey feel elicited by employing design elements common to newsprint over a century ago. But this is no longer a fixed-type press affair.
“The Standard will primarily be a website,” said Christopher Frey, Toronto Standard editorial director. “It will also be tablet-ready, smartphone-ready, and tailored dynamically to a wide selection of platforms.”
In terms of content, Frey says, the Toronto Standard will celebrate its home city, but also occasionally give it a kick in the pants. “This is a city that is worthy of celebration. But there are some discussions that need to be held, and things that need saying. We’ll provide the forum.”
Advertisers will be chosen to fit the feel of the magazine — interstitial ads and big-box ads among them. “We want to reflect Toronto as cosmopolitan, all-inclusive and a world-class urban area. There are certain advertisers that will work better with us than others.”
Visit or follow @TorontoStandard for more information.
— Tom Czerniawski
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