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9 October 2012,     OTTAWA
Canada Post, postal union reportedly reach tentative deal
Canada Post and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) have reportedly reached a tentative deal despite having no arbitrator.

The Toronto Star said in an article on Friday that the union told members that it reached a tentative collective agreement. It also reached a separate agreement for a smaller unit that represents rural mail carriers (RSMC). 

During the summer a judge threw out the federal government’s second appointed arbitrator Guy Dufort, saying "his work as a lawyer for Canada Post and as a Conservative Party candidate raised the perception of bias," according to the Star article.

The union previously retained constitutional lawyer Paul Cavalluzzo of Ontario's Walkerton tainted-water inquiry fame to fight back-to-work legislation introduced by the Conservatives to end the postal lockout (following rolling strikes) last year.

Cavalluzzo said in an email response today there hasn't been a hearing yet.

CUPW has not commented on what exactly this would mean if the union won the case against the back-to-work legislation.

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