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12 July 2012,     OTTAWA
Canada Post increases weight for promo items to encourage ad revenue
Canada Post has announced changes to take effect early next year affecting publication mail, including a new weight class for promotional items in magazines.

Starting Jan. 14, 2013, there's a new "over 100 grams up to 250 grams" weight category (previously the max was 100 grams) for samples and promotional/novelty items in magazines to promote ad revenue. Samples are defined by Canada Post as "trial or trial-sized items or specimens intended to indicate the nature of the product."

Check out the coming rates for samples and promotional items here.

There was some confusion when Canada Post president and CEO Deepak Chopra made an announcement during MagNet that minimum weight for magazines was being increased. Currently, magazines (including the whole package, e.g. a magazine in a polybag with outserts and samples) pay a flat fee up 200 grams, with additional charges for every gram over that threshold. That policy is not changing. Magazines Canada has published a clarification here.

Magazines Canada said although weight for promo items has been increased, the overall weight for the publication still can't exceed 1.36 kg (including all enclosures).

Also, as first reported earlier this year by Masthead, publishers can continue to use business reply cards with a weight lower than 160 grams per square metre (GSM), but not lower than 111 GSM. Canada Post has recommended using a card size of 108 mm x 165 mm (4.3 in x 6.5 in) with grain direction long.

The Crown corporation says if cards with a weight lower than 111 GSM are used, it could result in longer processing times. Canada Post earlier instituted a minimum base weight requirement for business reply mail (including subscription cards) in place of paper thickness, citing standard cards were getting jammed in Canada Post's mail processing equipment.

Check out other changes for 2013 related to publication mail here.
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