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29 June 2011,     TORONTO/VANCOUVER
Canopy launches Ancient Forest Friendly Award
Canopy has launched a new award program recognizing printers and publishers for helping protect forests.

The Ancient Forest Friendly Award categories include gold, silver, most improved and conservation supporter. Printers and publishers and all companies that have an eco-paper policy developed with Canopy can apply for the awards, and Canopy will work with applicants who don't yet have a policy.

"Awards will celebrate your company's progress climbing the Environmental Paper Network's approved Paper Steps, including the use of papers found in Canopy's eco-paper database," noted the company. "An Ancient Forest Friendly award shows the marketplace that your company walks the talk when it comes to the environment."

Publishing companies should apply as a whole and identify which titles are on eco-papers. The awards consider all paper used by a publisher, including office and marketing materials.

Canopy describes itself as an independent, non-profit organization working to protect the world's forests, species and climate by engaging the business community and public to create a sustainable and innovative supply chain.

To enter, complete a Canopy survey by Aug. 15 that measures a company's environmental policy implementation. There is no entry fee.
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Wow, Torstar really seems to be on a mission to bankrupt one magazine after another....
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Make Sure you Enter the COPAs this year. We have a FREE Covid-19 News category that is free to enter...
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