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8 April 2011,     TORONTO
CMA Magazine gets a facelift from Hambly & Woolley
The Certified Management Accountants (CMA) enlisted Toronto design firm Hambly & Woolley Inc. (H&W) to redesign its publication CMA Magazine.

“We were approached to relaunch CMA Magazine,” said Barb Woolley, partner and designer at H&W. “The tone of the new version had to feel modern, without disenfranchising its existing community, as this is a magazine that has existed for a while."
“What we did was create a framework — style sheets, guides — so that the CMA can take over and use the new design with ease,” said Woolley. “The intent was to give the design great 'texture,' giving the next designer all the tools [he/she] might need to continue.”
Three typefaces were chosen for the magazine’s new look: Humanist, a slab font; Chronicle, chosen for its readability in both print and digital media; and Benton Sans for contrast. The magazine uses CMA’s blue/slate colour palette extensively, and assigns an individual colour theme to each article or feature.

"The magazine is split into three groups of information - management, strategy, and accounting. It's really aimed at business professionals," said Suzanne Godbehere, CMA's vice president of public affairs and communications.

"The first redesigned issue has 44 pages, plus an insert featuring the Ontario association of accountants, as each accounting group is split by province," said Godbehere. 
In addition to the usual financially themed, contract-based ad content, the magazine now boasts a “Marketplace” section, where a variety of ad sizes are available.

"Our advertisers include Fujitsu, TD Insurance, as well as lawyers, and people looking to fill positions. A single-issue, single-page full-colour ad will cost around $8,800. A two-page full colour spread will be around $15,000. The Marketplace will mostly run smaller 1/8-page ads, with different rates for English and French ads," said Godbehere.
CMA Magazine will print in English and French versions, with new issues arriving bi-monthly. It has a circulation of 55,000: 40,000 members, and 15,000 subscribers, students and other readers.
— Tom Czerniawski
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