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30 March 2011,     TORONTO
PMB readership stable, study to include digital editions
English-language magazine readership levels remain steady, according to the spring 2011 top-line scores released today by the Print Measurement Bureau (Top 10 tables below the break). PMB has also announced it will begin measuring readership of digital editions, as distinct from web sites (e.g. iPad editions). PMB, through its partnership with ComScore, already measures combined print/web readership.

“Within the next year, we’ll be able to have print, web and digital edition readership in one database,” says PMB president Steve Ferley. “This is major.”

The new spring print numbers show that average English-language readers per copy has increased slightly, from 5.0 last spring to 5.1 this year. Average magazine readership is also steady at 1.3 million average readers across the 61 English-language magazines measured in PMB, the same figure as fall 2010, though a slight dip from 1.4 million in spring 2010.

Reader’s Digest continues its reign as the most-read magazine in the country, with a total readership of 5,932,000. However, this is a 6.7% decline from last spring’s PMB.

On the French side, Qu’est-ce qui mijote is tops again, with 1,254,000 readers, an 8.6% decline from last year. (The magazine is the French version of Kraft Canada’s What’s Cooking.)

PMB notes that average “time spent reading” has also remained stable, with this trend:

Spring 2011: 41.9 minutes
Fall 2010: 40.6 minutes
Spring 2010: 42.1 minutes
Fall 2009: 41.3 minutes

“Average degree of interest” on a scale of 1-10 has similarly remained stable, at 6.8, the same score for the past several PMBs.

“The continued commitment to magazines is evidenced across all age groups,” PMB adds in its release. “The PMB 2011 Spring data highlight an interesting point about magazine reading by younger Canadians. Readership among younger Canadians is at virtually the same level as with other age groups: on average, the 12-24s read 3.6 issues of PMB-measured titles per week — close to the national average of 3.8 issues.”

Top 10 English-language magazines (total readership per issue)

Title PMB
+/- change
from 2010
Reader's Digest 5.932
Canadian Living 3.999
People  3.553
What's Cooking 3.454
Chatelaine 3.361
Canadian Geographic 3.309
Maclean's 2.405
Canadian House & Home 2.327
Canadian Gardening 2.276
CAA Magazine 2.264
Food & Drink, the magazine published by the LCBO in Ontario, has fallen off the Top 10 since last spring. Canadian Gardening has joined the Top 10 at no. 9.

Top 10 English-language magazines (readers per copy)

Title PMB
Canadian Health 32.6 33.7
People 21.4 21.1
The Hockey News 19.2 23.2
Outdoor Canada 17.0 16.3
Canadian Geographic 16.0 16.2
Canadian Gardening 16.0 12.4
FASHION Magazine 11.9 12.5
Canadian Business 11.8 12.8
Cottage Life 11.5 11.2
Elle Canada 11.4 11.9
Cottage Life has joined the Top 10 RPC, while BC Magazine has fallen off (it was no. 10 last year).

Top 10 French-language magazines (total readership)

Title PMB
+/- change
from 2010
Qu'est-ce qui mijote 1.254
Coup de pouce 1.109
Touring 1.080
Châtelaine (Fr) 998,000 +4.9%
Sélection du Reader's Digest 944,000 -6.8%
7 Jours 878,000 -4.1%
Elle Québec 819,000 +7.2%
L'actualité 813,000 -2.2%
Clin d'oeil 672,000  +1.8%
Les Idées de ma maison 649,000 -4.8%

These are the same Top 10 titles as last year, though there’s been a slight reshuffling.

Top 11 French-language magazines (readers per copy)

Title PMB
Dernière Heure 17.4 16.6
Rénovation Bricolage 13.5 15.5
Le Lundi 13.3 16.2
Star Système 10.6 10.9
7 Jours 10.1 9.7
Star Inc. 9.8 11.6
Les Idées de ma maison 9.5 9.6
Elle Québec 9.3 8.5
Clin d'oeil 9.3 8.9
La Semaine 8.9 8.4
Tout Simplement Clodine 8.9 9.3

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