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20 January 2011,     CANADA
Increased tablet use for business, no dominant device: Deloitte TMT Predictions
This week’s 2011 Deloitte Canada Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) Predictions forecast increased tablet use for businesses across the country, no dominant devices or operating systems and a low impact from social media on global ad spend.

The 10th annual predictions called 2011 the “tipping point” for non-traditional PC computing devices, saying more than one-half of devices sold will be something other than a desktop. Employees increased ablity to pick their device of choice adds pressure to IT departments which will need to manage a mixed network of PCs and non-PCs, said the report.

With the increased use of non-PC devices in the workplace comes a rise in tablets for businesses. Deloitte Canada listed four factors driving the increased use of tablets in the workplace:
  • Many consumers initially buy tablet computers as personal media devices, but quickly discover they are useful for work.
  • Certain industry sectors, such as retail and manufacturing seem poised to use tablets in large numbers, due to the device’s ease of use, long battery life, lack of moving parts, minimal need for training and rapid application-development environment.
  • Enterprise software providers are quickly responding to Fortune 500 customer requests for tablet-specific software.
  • The tablet is driving adoption in the boardroom because it can be placed flat on a conference table and accessed unobtrusively.

Deloitte said a key decision for enterprises will be whether to support multiple types of tablets within the workplace, or standardize on one device. It predicts no tablet operating system will have a dominant market share, some will have more than 5% - but no player will be the standard.

The same goes for mobile networks and operating systems, said Deloitte with carriers pushing one device or OS over another whenever one approaches a 50% market share. “Application developers might need to get comfortable in a world where they must pick and choose their platforms as no app can address the entire market,” said the report. “Media companies also face a similar challenge, and publishers will probably need to prioritize some audiences over others, or exclude some entirely.”

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