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22 September 2008,     TORONTO
Magazines create three covers to facilitate Hyundai ad campaign
See the second and third covers (and Hyundai ads) after jump.

The current issues of Cottage Life, Maclean’s, Canadian Business, Profit and Moneysense magazines share something in common—they all have three covers. The inside cover pages, meanwhile, carry an ad campaign from car company Hyundai, promoting its new 375 HP Genesis model. The idea, originally pitched by Cottage Life to the Toronto-based Bensimon-Byrne agency, was inspired by triple covers published by The New Yorker and Conde Nast Traveller earlier this year, says Randy Craig, director of advertising at Cottage Life. Bensimon-Byrne later took the idea to other publishers and Rogers Publishing Ltd. bit. 






















Editorial treatment of the triple cover varied from magazine to magazine. Cottage Life kept things relatively simple: The front page features a typical cottage photograph with covers lines, while on the second and third page the photo and main cover line were changed, while the remaining display was dropped.

Canadian Business and Profit opted to use the second and third pages for additional promo copy. “We sold almost every story in the magazine,” says Profit editor Ian Portsmouth. (Profit also had a fourth cover which was used for newsstands.)















Moneysense created a sort of photographic narrative about a couple that starts off looking poor, invests wisely and retires rich.

And the Maclean’s covers featured each of the three main federal party leaders on a separate page, part of a special election issue. 

Hyundai had no say on what editorial appeared on the covers, according to Craig and Jeff Barlowe, director of marketing solutions at Rogers.

Based on rate card figures, here is the advertising revenue* generated by each publication from the triple cover.

Maclean’s: $269,280
Profit, Canadian Business, Moneysense: $81,180 (each)
Cottage Life: $52,870

*Randy Craig and Jeff Barlowe both said Hyundai paid a “premium” for the special ad placement.

— M.U.
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