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7 July 2008,     NATIONAL
Mid-year launch tally: 42 new magazines so far in 2008

With a possible recession looming, increasingly fierce competition from digital media and another postal increase on the way, the business of magazine publishing in Canada isn’t getting any easier. None of those dark clouds, though, were dissuasive enough to prevent the launching of at least 42 new magazines in the first two quarters of 2008.

If this pace continues (and fall is often the busiest period for launches), the year-end total for 2008 will exceed last year’s standing count of 74. (So far, we’re aware of three titles set to debut later this year, also listed below.)

It’s probably too early to pick out trends, but magazines explicitly targeting high-end demographics (eight if you include two new swanky shelter mags, Canadian Architecture & Design and International Architecture & Design) do stand out. (Interestingly, three of these magazines are based in Winnipeg.)

Below is the launch tally for 2008 as it stands. Each magazine is listed by title, description (except where the title is explicit), publisher and location.

If you have recently launched or are planning to launch a new magazine, please send an e-mail to Marco Ursi at

Already launched




Scheduled to launch


  • Zoomer/baby boomer lifesyle/MZMedia/Toronto* (October)


  • Dandyhorse/cycling/Toronto Cyclists Union/Toronto (late July)


  • Canadian School Counsellor/high school guidance/Trevor Shirtliff/Winnipeg (September)

Launches we haven't confirmed

  • Stemma/green youth lifestyle/Jolene Olive and Nisha Tuli/Winnipeg

*While Zoomer is technically a relaunch of Carp magazine, we expect the revamp is substantial enough to consider it a full-scale launch.

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— Marco Ursi
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