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27 June 2008,     NATIONAL
Canada Post announces rate hikes for 2009
Get ready for anothe rate hike.

Canada Post Corporation (CPC) is proposing an overall weighted average price increase of 3.1% for publications mail in 2009. This translates into a one cent increase for regional mail and a three cents increase for national mail (there is no planned increase for local mail).

CPC continues to move forward with its distance based pricing (DRP) structure, a move that has been condemned by leaders in the magazine industry. In a message that will be sent out to all Magazines Canada members on Monday, CEO Mark Jamison writes:

Distance-related pricing could be a disaster for the industry. Many titles not based in large urban centres but that have mostly national reach could be at serious risk, whether they are eligible for PAP
(Publications Assistance Program) or not.

Make no mistake: large or small, many titles could be badly hurt by CPC's plans, or worse. On top of the negative impact, the Government of Canada is rejecting its own cultural policy concerning access to
content. Does the Government of Canada have any say in the behaviours of its agencies in the context of the delivery of its policies?

Magazines Canada has already issued an action plan for members. We are urging all publishers push this into the riding with individual MPs. We need to do this right now. Magazines Canada's Public Affairs team will continue its efforts. It is time to pull together.

Both MC and the Canadian Business Press are urging their members to write letters to Canada Post and local MPs to protest DRP. See this Magazines Canada backgrounder document for more details.

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