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Top 50 Magazines 2010

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This ranking is published in 2011 with results for the 2010 fiscal year. Our Top 50 magazines is based on revenue from ad sales and circulation. Following a transitional year last year with two Top 50 lists, our “Classic” and “Extended” lists, this year’s Top 50 is back to just one ranking, using the “Extended” criteria. The difference? In our calculations for ad revenue, the old “Classic” list included only the run-of-press estimated ad revenue. The “Extended” list uses numbers for run-of-press as well as inserts, which we feel is a truer reflection of total print advertising revenue.

The complete methodology is included in the Report.

The Top 50 chart shows estimated revenue for ad sales (ROP and inserts), subscriptions, and single-copy sales, with the percentage change from last year's report (see sidebar on the right for a list of all our Special Reports).

The chart also includes results for eight titles that "almost made it" to the Top 50, and sidebar charts breaking down the Top 50 by publishing company, top overall gainers, top decliners, and the leaders in single-copy and subscription revenue.

This Special Report is sponsored by the Audit Bureau of Circulations

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