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Note to readers: This ranking is published in 2010 with results for the 2009 fiscal year. In November 2010, we re-published the Top 50 based on feedback from readers. The Top 50 now contains two lists: The Top 50 Classic, used for comparison with previous years. It excludes revenue from inserts. The new Top 50 Extended includes revenue from inserts.

Chatelaine is still the country’s number one moneymaker, based on the Masthead annual ranking of the country’s Top 50 magazines by revenue. The Rogers-owned women’s service book had total revenues of $43.6 million on the Top 50 Classic list (excluding inserts). Canadian Living ($41.4 million), Reader’s Digest ($37.3 million), Maclean’s ($31.0 million) and Coup de Pouce ($16.5 million) rounded out the top five in the Top 50 Classic.

In the new Top 50 Extended list, including insert revenue, the order is the same: Chatelaine ($47,437,391), Canadian Living ($47,361,940), Reader’s Digest ($44,866,012), Maclean’s ($31,818,701) and Coup de Pouce (19,598,043).

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