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17 November 2016,     TORONTO
Vivadata releases 2016 Q2 results and shows print remains dominant
The latest results from Vividata show that print is not dead and is the dominant choice of readers of newspapers and magazines in Canada. The survey highlights are the following

Canadians are reading newspapers in both print and digital formats. Seven out of ten weekday newspaper readers are reading a printed edition daily. Seventy percent of newspaper readers still read a printed edition daily. That’s down from 90% five years ago.


While print remains the leading source for most newspaper readers in Canada today, digital and cross-platform continues to grow. In major markets, more than half read on digital platforms. Adults 50+ are still heavy readers of newspapers, and while print remains their platform of choice, 29% read newspapers on a digital device daily.

In major markets, of those adults that read a daily newspaper, 47 per cent read only a paper version. Twenty-eight per cent read only a digital version, and 25 per cent read on both print and digital platforms. Print-only readership is stronger (56 per cent) for local papers in non-metropolitan markets.

Over half of Millennials read a daily newspaper, just slightly lower than the daily readership level for adults 18+ (58%). 41% of Millennials read only on a digital device, 25% read only a print copy, and 34% use both digital and print (cross-platform).


For both newspapers and magazines, over half of the audiences read digital products. With regard to newspapers, 28% of readers (18+) only read newspaper content on digital devices ,up from 16% in 2012. Cross-platform readership (meaning they read both print and digital products) for newspaper brands has doubled from 14% in 2012 to 30% in 2015.

You can read additional details at this link.

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